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Digital Reading in China and Germany

Comparison of the reading behaviour of students in China and Germany

Leitung institutsintern : Dr. habil. Axel Kuhn
Projektstatus : laufend
Beginn : 2015
Projektpartner : Wuhan University (China), School of Information Management, Publishing Science


The present time is characterized by the ubiquitous presence of digital technology, which leads to a changing media environment that also affects the ways how humans are reading. This project is analysing a part of the readers to understand the current state of digital reading. The chosen target group are university students which provide an excellent case for researching digital reading: students can be seen as digital natives that have been grown up with digital media, additionally digital texts are already used regularly in the educational system of the universities for providing an easy and cheap access to learning materials. So students are accustomed with digital reading and reflect future generations of readers. Additionally this project is drawn out in a cultural comparison: one thesis is that special sociocultural contexts have an influence on the digital reading behaviour and experiences: it is reasonable that the organization of production and distribution of digital texts are influential as is the sign system which is used. For a first examination digital reading of students will be compared between Germany and China.